About the Authors

Rob Dinerman New York City NY

Books: “A History of Harvard Squash, 1922-2010”; “A History of Squash At Princeton University, 1928-2013”; Two Anthologies: “Selected Squash Writings” Volumes I and II (on amazon.com) 

Also wrote Histories of Squash at Deerfield Academy, Episcopal Academy and the Phillips Exeter Academy, as well as a prep-school memoir, “Chasing The Lion.” Authored the copy for the WPSA Pro Tour Program in 1981 and from 198393, including player profiles, feature pieces and tournament reporting. Official Writer for the pro doubles tour from 200113. Official Writer for the New York Association Yearbook from 1985-90. Editor of the website Dailysquashreport.com (which has a Dinerman Archive on the home page) since its founding in 2011 and wrote from 2000-10 for squashtalk.com. 

Rob is well-known for having written dozens of feature pieces, among them on Rivalries in Squash, a genealogy of the Khan clan, a summary of Sharif Khan’s North American Open career 

(focusing on five memorable matches), a ten-match anthology of the WPSA tour, histories of the North American Open Doubles, of Yale squash during the Dave Talbott coaching era, of Princeton squash during the Bob Callahan era and profiles of Gail Ramsay, Henri Salaun, Ed Hahn and the Alicia McConnell/Demer Holleran doubles team.

Karen P Khan, Toronto Canada

This is my first effort as a co-author, in interpreting my husband Sharif’s voice written in his Recollections throughout this work. It was a great pleasure to work with the talented Rob Dinerman. The collaboration between Sharif, Rob and myself was truly a rewarding experience over the last three years.