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SoundCloud:Episode 20: Dinerman & Gibson: Squash History, including the Khan family

Testimonials and reviews

Michael Desaulniers: North American Open champion and retired World No. 1 hardball squash player. 

" I just finished reading the book - congratulations on the fine work to all concerned!  ……..  I was surprised and delighted by the poetic and emotionally evocative recollections, especially from the early days.  On the other hand, I'm never surprised by Rob's sharp sports writing and otherworldly command of North American squash history. 

I think the ebb and flow between Rob's writing and the recollections was really engaging, and felt very seamless and natural.  I truly wish I could recall even a fraction of my emotional history with the same freshness that was apparent in the recollections.  Thanks to you both and to Sharif for making this effort."

Tony Swift: Ontario Squash Hall of Fame/retired director of squash and administration The Toronto Lawn & Tennis Club

"  I am really enjoying his life story. It is a very good read and very well written. I am learning a lot about Sharif that I did not know!"

Heidi Westfield: Westfield Communications and contributor to the National Post (Canada)

" I really loved the opening, and the window on his life in Pakistan, and Sharif's memories of his early years. I feel this part of the book opens a locked vault of information and transports me inside Sharif's world and the raw emotions he faced as a boy and young man.    

FYI I love the ending. Great last line!! "

Laura DiBattista: Communications & Media Specialist, Author  

"’s thrilling and scary as hell to write a book.  Good to both of you for taking on this challenge.  Sharif has a story that deserves to be told. " 

Gilbert Mateer USA: review on Sept 13, 2018 : ***** (5 stars)   
"This is a marvelous story of one of the greatest squashers to ever play the game.  While we all saw the facade of Sharif Khan none of us ever heard of the life behind the Legend.  This is a must read for all of those who grew up playing or watching hardball squash! "

Guy Cipriano: NYC squash doubles:

 Wow I never knew 99% of this stuff!
……. ( sic ) a page turner"

Ron Beck USA: review on October 8, 2018:***** (5 stars)

Excellent, insightful view of a champion who had to navigate between worlds and cultures

This book is surprising and exceptional.  This is no mere memoir of a sports star.  This is far beyond that. It provides surprisingly candid, thoughtful, and clear vignettes into the journey that Sharif Khan has taken to navigate worlds, cultures, and changing times. It explores the pain of cultural traditions, prejudice, paths out of poverty and much more.  I count Sharif as a friend and this book that he has produced together with Karen and Rob Dinerman is worthy of his dignity and moral compass and reveals some personal secrets!

A fantastic book and well put together by Rob.

Ted Gross, writer, Director  Daily Squash Report .com

 What a great book! ..the story hit on all cylinders. Many poignant moments ... 

Many thanks for putting this story out into the world.




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